3 questions for ... Dr. med. Andreas Köhler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

What do you expect from the new Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler? Khler: With the change in the Ministry of Health, there should be different approach to the medical profession. An FDP health minister will be closer to the professional profession of doctor than the previous incumbent. It is good that Mr. Rsler is doctor. With it, medical expertise comes into health policy that we have often missed so far. Will the structural reform announced by the black-yellow coalition bring about the sustainable and generational financing of statutory health insurance that you have always called for? Khler: We welcome the decoupling of health costs from non-wage costs. With the switch to more premium-supported model, there will be more financial leeway in the provision of care. This stabilizes the financing of the statutory health insurance. Whether it is fair to the generations in the long run depends on the specific design. It is good that the socially disadvantaged are to be financially supported from tax revenues. However, it will be very important that the planned government commission agree on the reform model. The new coalition did not take up your demands on the legal framework for selective contracts in outpatient care. . . Khler: We're disappointed about that. We have always said: Politicians must decide as soon as possible whether comprehensive supply should be ensured through collective agreements or in competitive structure. The juxtaposition of selective and collective agreements no longer works. The current legal situation can endanger the nationwide supply, as is already evident in two regions. Politicians of all ruling parties know that this is problematic. Politicians have now postponed the decision. According to the coalition agreement, they want to see how many family doctor contracts there are in three years' time. It does not say that there will be no changes to Section 73b of Book V of the Social Code during this period. We will have to speak to the government about this.
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