27th Summer Festival: Grandiose Nabucco production in Xanten

From August 13th to 30th, fans of ballet, musical, opera and Indulge in operetta productions in the Xanten Archaeological Park. Surrounded by reconstructed buildings, temples and city walls, Giuseppe Verdi's successful opera Nabucco will be performed in the Roman arena every day from August 13th to 16th. More than 200 participants will act in splendid decoration and equipment on the open-air stage. The jump from the Babylonian era into the era of pop and rock takes only few days at the Xanten Summer Festival. On August 21, 22 and 23, the Queen Spectacular, the music of one of the most famous English pop groups, will find its way into the Rmerrund. They have sold around 300 million records worldwide, and their hits such as Bicycle Race, We will rock you, Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions not only inspire fans of pop and rock music. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is certainly just as well known as Queen. In Xanten, Evita, one of his most famous musicals, is on the program on August 28th, 29th and 30th. Webber received an Oscar for the song Dont Cry for me Argentina, from the musical adaptation of Eva Duarte's life story.
In the Xanten-Birten Forest Theater, the former play and entertainment venue for the Roman army camp, is open on 21st, 22nd and 22nd 23 August One night in Venice on the festival schedule. The comic operetta in three acts is one of the most popular works by the waltz king Johann Strau. It takes the festival visitors to the carnival of the lagoon city. The organizer is Arena-Show- & -Entertainment GmbH, Xanten. Ticket service and information by phone: 0 28 01/77 77 77, e-mail: reservierung@arena-show-entertainment.de and via the Internet: www.som merfestspiele.de. HM
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