100 years of the Berlin Agreement: all well for the anniversary?

"The clear majority of health insurance companies very much appreciate the advantages of joint self-administration and the KV system," emphasized Johann-Magnus von Stackelberg, deputy chairman of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds. Joint self-administration is still model with promising future. Whether it is possible to ensure medical care in rural areas is kind of yardstick for him for the future viability of the collective agreement. Here one must take into account the needs of the next generation of doctors for new work-life balance; they don't even think about settling down as single specialist anywhere in the area. Together with politicians, it is matter of developing regulatory model for employed doctors and for opening up hospitals to outpatient care. Such an order model, which also safeguards the KVs' right to life, is overdue.

"If you have young people for the If you want to win branch, you have to offer them system in which they enjoy working. "Mark Barjenbruch, CEO of KV Lower Saxony

" We as KV have formally the security order, doctors on To get land, but we are not in position to compensate for the lack of attractiveness of an area, ”remarked Mark Barjenbruch, CEO of KV Lower Saxony. He referred to various projects that his KV had initiated in underserved regions. If you want to attract young doctors to the branch, you have to offer them an environment in which they enjoy working. “The fish has to like the bait, not the angler - this is also the case with the security question.” A reasonable fee could be discussed for long time - “if you can't find one for it, you will have to add something to the initial situation for the prospective doctors to improve". With the countless legal regulations of the past few years, the security order was also creeping out. KV Lower Saxony now has hardly any room for maneuver of its own.

"I am fan of self-administration, sometimes I have the feeling, one of the last. ”Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health in Hamburg

Like von Stackelberg and Barjenbruch, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health in Hamburg, spoke in favor of the Receipt of collective agreements in outpatient care. “I'm fan of self-management, but sometimes I feel like I'm one of the last. Criticism is also increasing in politics.“The security order is often complained about,“ but it must also be fulfilled ”. If there were problems, they would too often be dumped on politicians without the latter having the necessary instruments to accompany or steer certain developments. "The federal states have to be strengthened in their competence so that they can actually fulfill what is already being dumped with them."

Thomas Gerst

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